Troctachambre is an innovative service for students like you who are looking for a room for free or affordable in France and in Europe. Our mission is to help all the students over the world  who can not access to expensive student housing during their studies or studies  breaks. We offer you two services :

  • Exchange your student rom for another student room in any city you want to study


  • Enjoy a free student room with a family in exchange for services (tutoring, cleaning, babysitting etc.).

These two services are suitable during your studies or student breaks. You can go abroad or stay in your country and live in another city. The exchange can last for two weeks, for an internship, for a semester or a trimester.

You can have a room if you are an exchange student, a student having a break or during your holidays! It’s new, it works, try it now !

You do not find a room available ? Go ahead and post your own or use the ” My request” feature and explain to the community what you are looking for it will appear on our frontpage in « these students are looking for ».

Need more information ? Please reach out to us at